The Institute

The Institute of Plasma Physics & Lasers – IPPL (IPPL – Institute of Physics Plasma & Lasers, is one of the six Institutes of the University Research and Innovation Center of the Hellenic Mediterranean University (HMU, It is an evolution of the Center for Plasma Physics and Lasers (CPPL, Center of Plasma Physics & Lasers) which was created with the implementation of the international program of excellence Marie Curie ToK DAIX in 2012 and developed into an important research pole of Greece as a body of the National Research Infrastructure for Europe. HiPER program, with the distinction of “Good Practice” by the Managing Authority of OP (Competitiveness Operational Program) in 2015. It has attracted significant funding (over 10 million euros) from both European and International research programs as well as from National co-financed programs and programs of the Region of Crete.

Having transferred its activities since 2015 to special facilities in Rethymnon, it offers the opportunity for the implementation of cutting-edge research, while in combination with its excellent research human resources and the educational activities it organizes, they have made it an internationally recognized research innovation pole. and education in the scientific field. It is a body of the National Research Infrastructure for the European program HiPER (The High Power laser Energy Research) and is one of the two access points of the National Research Infrastructure HELLAS-CH (The HiPER, ELI and LASERLAB Europe Synergy &,

In IPPL, in addition to the pioneering research, undergraduate (at the level of diploma / internship) and mainly postgraduate (at the level of master and doctoral dissertations) high level education is conducted in scientific fields unique in Greece. The certified postgraduate education program “Lasers, Plasma & Applications” (LaPlA, as well as the Erasmus Intensive Advanced Schools ( have contributed to the specialized training of young scientists and the cradle of production of young researchers at national and international level.

IPPL is located in a magnificent area to the center of the Crete Island at the city of Rethymnon, viewing the deep blue Aegean sea. As a part of the HELLAS-CH research infrastructure, IPPL offers experimental time to research groups from Greece and abroad.