Modeling and simulations

All experiments concerning the interaction of the laser with matter / plasma and the plasma produced by optoelectronic power devices are accompanied by appropriate multiphysics simulations, through the most powerful computer system in Greece for scientific applications ARIS (Advanced Research Information System).


  • Simulations using finite elements for the laser interaction with matter and / or plasma (Transition from solid phase to plasma phase, Material processing, Laser-assisted machining)
  • Plasma Hydrodynamic / Magnetohydrodynamic simulations
  • Modeling of Z-Pinch and X-Pinch devices through coupled finite element and magnetohydrodynamic simulations (Transition from solid phase to plasma phase, Study of plasma instabilities, evolution of jets)
  • Plasma laser interaction simulations via particle cell simulations (Particle acceleration from gaseous targets and solid targets)
  • Machining/manufacturing simulations
  • Simulations of optoacoustic phenomena and vibration problems