Modeling and simulations

Experiments are accompanied by appropriate multiphysics simulations, through the most powerful computer system in Greece for scientific applications ARIS (Advanced Research Information System).


  • Simulations using finite elements for the laser interaction with matter and / or plasma (Transition from solid phase to plasma phase, Material processing, Laser-assisted machining)
  • Plasma Hydrodynamic / Magnetohydrodynamic simulations
  • Modeling of Z-Pinch and X-Pinch devices through coupled finite element and magnetohydrodynamic simulations (Transition from solid phase to plasma phase, Study of plasma instabilities, evolution of jets)
  • Plasma laser interaction simulations via particle cell simulations (Particle acceleration from gaseous targets and solid targets)
  • Machining/manufacturing simulations
  • Simulations of optoacoustic phenomena and vibration problems