IPPL coordinated “PowerLaPs”

Innovative Education & Training Erasmus Program in High Power Laser Plasmas

PowerLaPs aims to trigger the last year Bachelor, Master and PhD students, to enhance their studies  and improve their skills for employability in the scientific area of Plasma Physics and High Power Lasers. The educational and the relevant training methods focus on four thematic priorities:

Plasma physics – Theory and experiments

High power laser matter interactions/High energy density physics – Theory and experiments

Computational modeling & simulations in laser matter interactions

Laser plasma diagnostics – Theory and experiments

which are not accessible till now to students and not included in typical academic curricula. The proposed courses will be developed, in a period of two years, in the form of state of the art theoretical, applied and laboratory training accompanied by intensive programmes IP’s, in the worldwide arising and rapidly expanding field of high power laser plasmas. The main aim is to challenge the beneficials to fulfill their knowledge status and scientific working skills in topics that are at the cutting edge of technology today. By targeting to these groups of people, the horizontal priority to improve achievement of relevant and high-level quality skills and competences in a lifelong learning perspective is achieved, since these are the main objectives of the project PowerLaPs, focusing to open and innovative education, training and youth work, embedded in the digital era.

The website of Powerlaps is: