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Development of a coherent X-ray
multispectral microscopy system

project code: T1EDK-04549


Project XMMaS: aims to the development of a system for multispectral microscopy in the region of “soft” X-rays, based on the research achievements of:

The rapid growth of nanotechnology has increased the need for fast nanoscale imaging. X-ray Free Electron Laser (XFEL) facilities currently provide such coherent sources of directional and high brilliance x-ray radiation. These facilities require large financial investments for development, maintenance and manpower and thus only a few exist worldwide. XMMaS aims to the development of a table-top prototype system of ultrafast soft X-ray multispectral microscopy imaging for nanostructured materials with enormous potential and a broad range of applications in up-to date technologies.  The special characteristics of the extreme-UV source (XUV) provide a very high added value to the final prototype system and cover imaging aspects unachievable by the existing conventional coherent light sources.

Laboratory prototype features:

  • Stable and characterized XUV ultrafast coherent light source

  • Filtering of appropriate XUV spectrum

  • Demonstration of coherent, multispectral diffraction X-ray imaging (CDI) with spatial resolution of 100 nanometers and temporal resolution of femtoseconds

Industrial prototype advantages (Blueprints):

  • An industrial product with high added value, extroverted economic and commercial character

  • A High-Tech system that meets the technological needs of diagnosis & imaging in the nanoscale

  • Applied science and technology competitive to experimental XFEL imaging facilities since:


  • ​expensive synchronous or free electron laser systems are NOT demanded
  • the produced compact X-ray source is of broad bandwidth, stable and ultrafast
  • soft X-ray ultrafast multispectral nano-imaging will be demonstrated