Pulsed Power Generators

The study of the creation and dynamic evolution of plasma in these devices is an important part of the fundamental research conducted at the Institute for the understanding of plasma physics. Due to their relatively simple structure, these devices are suitable for understanding the dynamics of plasma and its properties, while they are even suitable for the creation of astrophysical phenomena in the laboratory astrophysics. The ability to create a pulsed point X-ray source that can be achieved in these devices (X-pinch) allows the implementation of high-resolution X-rays, imaging the interior of structures with details on the order of micrometers, which are difficult to be achieved otherwise. Also, the very short duration of the pulses emitted can capture snapshots of the interior of rapidly changing structures (eg turbine blade in operation, material fracture, explosions, dense plasma dynamics). The ability to generate a neutron source with these devices (Plasma Focus) is used in the detection of matter composition and materials through nuclear spectroscopy methods, such as in the detection of explosives or prohibited substances, in the detection of pollutants in waste, in the detection of trace elements in food products.


  • Pulsed Power Generated Plasmas & Applications
    • Z-Pinch devices
    • X-Pinch devices 
    • Plasma Focus devices
    • X-ray and neutron sources
  • Laser probing plasma diagnosis
    • Laser target diagnostics
    • Laser shadowgraphy
    • Laser schliering imaging
    • Laser interferometric methods
    • Plasma spectroscopy
    • Plasma radiography
  • Plasma evolution physics
    • Plasma instabilities
    • Plasma pinching and fusion phenomena
    • Plasma jets evolution
    • Phase change physics